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Fusion ProGlide Power Razor

Breakthrough Shaving Technology

The Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide™ Power Razor is Gillette’s most advanced blade ever. Thinner, finer blades* with a low-resistance coating glide effortlessly through hair for less tug and pull**, providing incredible comfort, even if you shave every day.

Try Gillette Fusion ProGlide today; after one shave, you’ll stop shaving and start gliding.

Interested in the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual Razor? Click to learn more.

Check out what real guys are saying about the Fusion ProGlide™ Challenge™

Battery Usage Instructions.

* First Four Blades vs. Fusion
** vs. Fusion


Gillette Fusion ProGlide Shaving Razor for Men


Exclusive Feature!

The MicroComb, found exclusively on the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor, helps guide stubble to the blades.

We’ve Redesigned it

The redesigned precision trimmer now features an improved blade and anti-clogging rinse slots. Ideal for shaving in tricky places like under the nose.

That’s just one of the many features you’ll find on the Gillette Fusion ProGlide and Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razors.

Warm Up Your Shave With Gillette Series

Gillette® Series™ men’s shave care products are engineered to compliment the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors. So, while the razors help turn shaving into gliding, the Gillette Series line of skin care products help to prepare and protect with technologically advanced facial scrubs, balms, and moisturizers.

Gillette ProGlide Razor Blade
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Blades
Gillette Fusion Proseries

This area allows consumers like you to express their own opinions and comments. This area allows consumers like you to express their own opinions and comments.

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Posted By:scruffy
From:Bullcreek WA
23/04/2015 11:47:59 PM

While trying to shave with with a new razors all that happened was it removed the shaving cream. On closer inspection I discovered that an error had been made in the manufacturing process. The razor head was fitted backwards to the razor with the blades facing the wrong way. I result was it was impossible for the razor to perform its function.

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Posted By:Switched off
From:Brisbane QLD
1/04/2015 4:30:41 AM

I was initially happy with this product, close comfortable shave. However the on/off switch only lasted three weeks. I have to disconnect the battery to switch it off and it pulses between on/off during shave. Should have lasted longer.

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Posted By:SirNed
From:Brisbane QLD
9/03/2015 7:00:35 AM

Does a good job. I myself prefer the DE style of which I use the Gillette blades anyway but this one worked well for a quick shave after sleeping in one morning. Something soothing about the DE way even if it does take a bit longer.

helpful 0 inappropriate

Posted By:Dasha
9/03/2015 6:23:08 AM

Absolutely love this razor, it is extremely well designed and does exactly what it says it does. In fact, it's so good, that even though it was bought for my use, my wife and daughters have run off with it so they can use it!!!!

helpful 0 inappropriate

Posted By:winobaygo
From:Perth WA
9/03/2015 6:03:43 AM

Good razor, clogs a bit, great shave, nice to hold

helpful 0 inappropriate

Posted By:Curly
9/03/2015 5:22:46 AM

Great Shave ,No drag on my skin and the blades glide so smoothly. The Gillette Fusion ProGlide is the best razor I have used.

helpful 0 inappropriate

Posted By:Lore
From:Carnegie, VIC
9/03/2015 4:12:35 AM

Smooth shave that seems to last day after day, all week. Flexiball makes it quicker than ever and I never feel it grab. Very happy with this product.

helpful 0 inappropriate

Posted By:Pattypops
From:Melbourne, Vic
9/03/2015 3:44:46 AM

This product gave me face a really smooth clean cut shave and makes such a pristine cut that styles are easily made with such amaluable tool

helpful 0 inappropriate

Posted By:Attila
From:Annandale, NSW
9/03/2015 2:37:42 AM

Well I have been using a Braun series 5 electric shaver for the last 3 years and received one of these Gillette razors as a free sample. I didnt expect anything and decided to use it in an emergency when my electric razor went flat. Wow was I surprised and impressed. My electric razor takes ages, even when a fresh foil is used. This Gillette hand razor was super quick, even on the dense parts of my face. Also my sensitive skin didnt even notice I shaved, way more comfortable then my electric foil razor usually is. Only question I have is how long will the blades stay sharp. But so far on all other aspects I love it. Excellent product.

helpful 0 inappropriate

Posted By:winobaygo
From:Perth WA
9/03/2015 12:13:22 AM

Good razor, clogs a bit, great shave, nice to hold

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Fusion ProGlide Power Razor FAQs

Want to find out more about your favorite products, get helpful grooming tips or discover what's new and cool at Gillette? Well, we've got all the answers you need from the Gillette experts you've come to trust. So search away.

What makes Gillette Fusion® ProGlide Power™ better than Gillette® Fusion® Power?

Fusion® ProGlide™ Power is Gillette’s best shave. It incorporates years of technological innovation for Gillette’s most advanced blade ever.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide and Fusion ProGlide Power share the same core technology: thinner, finer blades* that glide through the hair for less tug and pull**, a low resistance coating and the redesigned Precision Trimmer Blade. In addition to this:

  • The streamlined comfort guard with channels to help clear away excess shave prep.
  • The MicroComb, found exclusively on the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power, helps guide hair to the blade.

These technologies combine to create Gillette's best shave.

* First Four Blades vs. Fusion
** vs. Fusion

How does the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power™ handle compare with the Gillette® Fusion® Power handle?
The Fusion ProGlide Power now has ergonomic side grips for better handling.
What is the microchip and how does it work?
A battery-powered razor delivers an optimal shave when the voltage and frequency remain consistent shave after shave. Over the lifetime of the battery, the voltage can weaken, reducing frequency and therefore performance. The microchip maintains constant voltage and frequency over the lifetime of the battery, delivering consistent product performance every time you shave.
How does the Low-Battery Indicator Light work?
When a battery reaches a certain level, the oscillation frequency declines and the system is no longer capable of delivering the optimal shave. The microchip inside Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power™ senses when the battery is approaching this level. When this happens, the Low-Battery Indicator Light begins to flash, signaling that it's time to change the AAA battery.
What is the Automatic Shut-Off feature?
The Automatic Shut-Off feature turns the razor off after roughly 8 minutes of continuous operation. This feature protects the battery if the razor is accidentally activated, especially when traveling.
How does movement of the razor give men a better shave?

Gillette was the first company to introduce a battery-powered wet shaving razor. The soothing micropulses provide comfort so incredible, you’ll barely feel the blades. Fusion ProGlide Power™ is Gillette's most comfortable shave.
For best results, should the power be turned on or off when using the Precision Trimmer Blade?

The Precision Trimmer Blade can be used with the power turned on or off. Preference varies from person to person. Using the Precision Trimmer Blade with or without power is an individual choice.
What type of battery does Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power™ use? How long does it last?
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power utilizes a AAA battery. With the Low-Battery Indicator Light, Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power will let you know when it's time to change the battery. Assuming average shaving, the battery should last approximately 3-6 months.
Is it safe to shave with Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power™ in the shower?
Yes. Gillette Fusion Power is watertight and totally safe to use in wet environments.
Can I get electrocuted if Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power™ is submerged in water?
No. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power is safe to use in water.
How long will the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power™ cartridge last? 
How long a razor cartridge lasts varies from person to person, as it is dependent on many variables such as beard toughness and thickness, beard preparation, shaving habits, and skin sensitivity. The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power's reformulated INDICATOR® lubricating strip will provide you with a visual cue - it fades to white - when optimal shave conditions have been reduced. When this happens, you may want to change your cartridge for a more comfortable shave.
What are thinner, finer blades and how will they improve my shave?

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power™ razor has been engineered with Gillette’s thinnest blades ever*, so it glides through the hair for less tug and pull**.

* First four blades vs. Fusion
** vs. Fusion
How was the Precision Trimmer redesigned?
The blade was improved and anti-clogging rinse slots were added.
What is the Streamlined Comfort Guard with channels? What are the benefits of the Streamlined Comfort Guard?

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power™ features a new Streamlined Comfort Guard. The soft, flexible material surrounds the microfins, creating an outer edge that wraps around the sides of the cartridge and channels that clear away excess shave prep. This Streamlined Comfort Guard follows the contours of your face to help the shaving surface of the razor comfortably shave close.
Have there been any enhancements to the lubrication strip?
Yes. It now contains more lubricants and a touch of mineral oil.
Will the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power™ cartridge fit any other razors on the market?
The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power cartridge features a new razor blade that fits on any Gillette Fusion, Fusion ProGlide or Fusion ProGlide Power handle.
Is it better to use hot, cold, or warm water to shave?
Warm water is best for hydrating beard hair. Soaking in warm water softens hair and causes it to expand, making it 70% easier to cut.
What is the best way to avoid razor burn?
If the skin is not properly prepared before shaving or if the blade on your razor is dull, you are more likely to end up with razor burn. Make sure to hydrate hair in warm water for up to three minutes and apply plenty of shave gel. Also, be sure to change the blade on your razor at the first sign of dullness or discomfort.
Is it okay to let my girlfriend or wife borrow my men’s razor?
For both hygiene and performance, it's not a good idea to share your razor with your partner. Women have a much larger area to shave and you may find that after only a few shaves, your blade has dulled considerably, increasing the likelihood of nicks and cuts. Tell her to try a razor specifically designed for the way a woman shaves, such as Gillette® Venus® Embrace®.
Does shaving make your hair grow back thicker?
Scientists at Gillette have conducted extensive testing on the effects shaving has on both male and female hair growth, texture and color. This testing has proven that shaving does not affect hair growth, color or texture. Shaving does, however, alter the tip shape of the regrown hair, which may initially change the way hair feels as it grows back. But if hair is left to re-grow completely, it will return to its former state.
In what direction should I shave to achieve the best shave?
Men's facial hair tends to grow in different directions. Start by shaving with light, gentle strokes with the grain. Then, if necessary, go against the grain for an even closer shave.
What is the difference between disposable and refillable razors?
The entire razor is discarded when you are through with a disposable razor. With a refillable razor, only the blade cartridge is replaced. Refillable razors like Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide™ and Gillette Fusion incorporate more advanced blade technology and ergonomics vs. most disposables for great control and a close comfortable shave.
What is the benefit of a 5-blade razor?

Gillette Fusion and Fusion ProGlide razors have five blades spaced closer together, to help reduce pressure while shaving for more comfort and less irritation than MACH3.

But there’s more to shaving than just the number of blades. The 5-blade shaving surface of Fusion ProGlide Power features thinner, finer blades*, progressive blade alignment, and a flexible comfort guard to provide Gillette’s best shave.

Learn more about our technological innovation


* First Four Blades vs. Fusion

How do I avoid nicks and cuts, particularly above my upper lip?
The area above the upper lip is tricky for many men. To help avoid nicks and cuts, always leave it for last. Apply plenty of shave gel and allow this area to soak up as much lather as possible. When shaving, don't apply too much pressure. Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide's™ Precision Trimmer is really useful when shaving under the nose.