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Gillette Series Cool Cleansing Shave Gel
Gillette Series Cool Cleansing Shave Gel

Your clean, cool and comfortable shave experience calls for our invigorating, instantly cooling formula, with Eucalyptus Oil.

Gillette Series Cool Cleansing Shave Gel

Get a clean, cool, and comfortable shave, with Gillette Series Cool Cleansing Shave Gel.

Its Triple Protection formula uses three effective lubricants to enhance razor glide and protect your skin against nicks, redness and tightness. This invigorating, instantly cooling formula is designed to give you an incredibly smooth, refreshing shave.

This product is also available in Foam.

Developed through Gillette Shaving Science™

Refreshing Shave Gel

Gillette Series Cool Cleansing keeps your skin cool and refreshed while you’re shaving.

Smooth Glide Shaving

Lubricating ingredients, soften hair and condition skin to deliver a smooth razor glide and a shave that’s close and comfortable.

Reducing Razor Bumps

Most common in people with curly hair, razor bumps and ingrown hairs happen when beard hairs grow back into the surface of the skin, resulting in redness, inflammation or bumps that often resemble pimples. Learn the truth behind common misconceptions about razor bumps, and the shaving tips in our How to shave section.

Gillette Series Cool Cleansing Shave Gel FAQs

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arrow.alt What’s the difference between Foam and Gel?
Gillette believes a man should have options. However, even though both foam and gel are effective at giving you a smooth shave, Gillette Shave Gel contains lubricating ingredients, which enhance razor glide and protect your skin, for an incredibly smooth and comfortable shave.
arrow.alt What is the Gillette® Series line of products?
Gillette Series is a range of shave and skin care products that have been developed through Gillette Shaving Science, for the unique shave and skin needs of men. The Gillette Series range includes shave gel, shave foam, pre-shave wash and scrub, aftershave gel, balm, moisturiser, and aftershave splash.
arrow.alt What are the different varieties of Series Shave Gel and Foams and how do they differ?
Gillette has developed different kinds of Series Shave Care to suit your skin. They include Sensitive Skin Shave Gel and Foam, Protection Shave Gel and Foam, , Pure & Sensitive Gel and Foam, Conditioning Shave Gel and Foam, Cool Cleansing Shave Gel and Foam, Extra Comfort Shave Gel. Check out our complete line up and then pick the one that best fits your needs. Sensitive Skin – lightly scented and with aloe, for a gentle shave experience. Protection– Formulated with Almond oil for an incredibly smooth shave.. Extra Comfort –A concentrated formula, with Jojoba Oil, is designed to give you an incredibly smooth, comfortable shave.. Pure & Sensitive- A fragrance-free and dye-free formula for a smooth and mild shave experience. Cool Cleansing- An instantly cooling, invigorating, formula, with Eucalyptus Oil. Conditioning- An enriched, conditioning formula, with cocoa butter.
arrow.alt What’s the ideal shave routine?
The Gillette recommended shave routine starts with the Gillette Series Scrub, and ends with the Gillette Series Energising Moisturiser.