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M3 Power Sensitive Men’s Razor

Closer shave, with less irritation even on sensitive skin*.

The Gillette M3 Power Sensitive with the exclusive Pressure Control System includes 3 features to ensure a close shave with less irritation even on sensitive skin. The spring-mounted blades automatically adjust to different to skin variations and level of pressure. The Front Pivot System manages the blade feel during the shave. And the Power feature sends micro pulses throughout the shave for even greater comfort. It’s the shaving technology you need for a truly smooth, soothing shave.

*MACH3® Razors vs. Gillette® CustomPlus®


MACH3 Sensitive Men's Razor

I always had problems with my skin and shaving was a torture. It's finally comfortable to shave!!! Thanks for the innovation

Mark, Gatineau, QC

M3 Power Sensitive Men’s Razor