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On the Sensitive Side
On the Sensitive Side

While he may not be a metrosexual or a retrosexual, today’s man is becoming more aware of his skin and motivated to ensure he’s well taken care of. A big part of that is understanding that there are different products for different types of skin. Men have to be extra careful if they have sensitive skin to find products that reduce irritation.

While there is no real uniform definition for sensitive skin and, in fact, it can mean different things to different people, there are some factors that impact skin’s sensitivity symptoms can include tingling or tightening of the skin without visible signs but more often than not, it’s just a feeling; something difficult to measure and difficult to treat.

Some of the factors:

There are a lot of factors that come into play, such as: diet, stress level, smoking, shaving habits, outdoor activity frequency and, of course, weather. At the height of winter, men experience sensitive skin that can be related to the cold temperature and icy winds, depending on the amount of time men stay outside, for work, sports or leisure activities, their skin can be damaged.

Added to that, shaving can contribute to sensitivity depending on the frequency of shaving, number of strokes, dull blades, tug and pull from the blade and individual factors such as intolerant skin.

The fact that men shave, and, in most cases, do so on a regular basis, means that they have to deal with irritation and discomfort. Many men talk about discomfort, both during and after the shave, whether burning and stinging; redness and bumps; or, tightness and dryness.

So what can men do about sensitivity? Gillette recommends men to look for products specially designed for sensitive skin or to look for products with the Dermatology Review Panel endorsement (DRP seal).

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power and Manual and the entire Gillette Fusion ProSeries line-up have earned the DRP seal of approval.

Gillette also has a Sensitive Skin pack that includes Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power (or manual) and Gillette Fusion ProSeries Intense Cooling Lotion and is available for about $14.49.

When it comes to sensitive skin care, there are other Gillette products to consider like, Sensitive Skin Hydragel shave gel, Clinical Strength Antiperspirant and, Gillette bodywash in Sensitive Skin.

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