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Products Just for Him
Products Just for Him

Men and women’s grooming needs differ in several ways so a guy should always reach for products that are specifically made “for him”.

Facial Skin
Sebum Secretion is higher for men, which means that their skin is oilier, so they need a lighter moisturizer.

Men’s collagen content is higher versus women’s, which means that it retains its shape for longer.

Men’s skin is thicker than women’s skin, but gradually thins with age versus women’s, whose skin remains constant until about 50 years of age.

Men’s facial hairs are 50-60 percent larger in diameter and more irregularly shaped than women’s hairs. Women’s hair is more uniform and is primarily oval shaped. The difference in diameter between men’s and women’s hair explains the longer time necessary for complete hydration (three minutes for men vs. two minutes for women).

Men typically shave their faces and necks and women shave their legs, underarms and bikini area. Women’s total shaving area is 18 times greater than men’s total shaving area (676 square inches for women vs. 38 square inches for men.) On average, a woman’s lower legs and underarms combined have almost the same number of hairs as a man’s beard.

The hair on a man’s face is denser than the hair on a woman’s legs, underarms and bikini area. In fact, on average, a man’s beard has almost the same number of hairs as a woman’s lower legs and underarm area combined.

Men have bigger heads, which means that they have more hair follicles so more oil is produced in total vs. women’s heads.

Men have shorter hair styles than women and oil is more apparent in shorter hair.

Source: Gillette: Grooming the Modern Man