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Gillette Clear Shield Cool Wave
Gillette Clear Shield Cool Wave

Gillette Clear Shield Cool Wave’s patented Anti-Perspirant/deodorant formula stays on your skin instead of your shirt. So the world sees your dry and confident side, and nothing else.

Clear Shield Cool Wave

It’s what you don’t see that makes all the difference

No white mess. Gillette Clear Shield Cool Wave’s low residue formula stays on your skin instead of your shirt. So the world sees your dry and confident side, and nothing else. Gillette Clear Shield Cool Wave gives you powerful wetness and Odour protection, without leaving a white tell-tale mess under your arms. Made with small dispersed particles, it provides a consistent layer of protection without the clump or white residue on your shirt. So you get a dry, comfortable feeling with a light, fresh scent.


Clear Shield Cool Wave


Invisible Solid Protection

Gillette antiperspirant combines the powerful low-residue protection of a clear gel with the easy, glide of a clear deodorant stick. It’s what they don’t see that can give you the confidence.


Small and evenly distributed wetness particles deliver a consistent and long-lasting layer of protection from underarm perspiration and body Odour. You’re left clean and dry with a light fresh scent.

Less White Stuff

A white stick without the white mess. Low residue formulation contains low levels of the white powders and waxes, resulting in less clumping and unsightly white mess on your shirt. For powerful wetness and Odour-protection, try Gillette Clinical Anti-perspirant/Deodorant.

Clear Shield Cool Wave FAQs

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What makes Gillette Clear Shield Antiperspirant & Deodorant work so well?

Gillette Clear Shield is a kind of Gillette Deodorant white stick that’s actually a clear gel in disguise. Its formulation combines the powerful wetness and low-residue clear gel, with the easy, glide-on convenience of a clear deodorant stick. So you’ll get:

  • Wetness protection that stays on your skin instead of your shirt.
  • Odour protection
  • The confidence of knowing that you’re dry.
  • Without worrying about a tell-tale white mess under your arms.
How does Gillette Clear Shield help protect against wetness and Odour vs. other antiperspirants and deodorants?
The secret is in the small particles. The small particles enable Gillette Clear Gel to blend into your skin more evenly to deliver a consistent, long-lasting clear layer of ‘shirt-friendly’ protection from a white stick.
Why doesn’t Gillette Clear Shield leave a white residue on clothes the way most white sticks do?
In addition to combining the powerful low-residue protection of a clear gel with the easy glide of a clear deodorant stick; Gillette Clear Shield’s formula contains less white powders and waxes. What that means is this Gillette Deodorant will clump less and leave less white residue behind and a lot more confidence up front.
Is Gillette Clear Shield effective for everyone?
Gillette Clear Shield a Gillette Deodorant designed to instill confidence through effective wetness and Odour protection that doesn’t leaves a white mess on your shirt. If you’re concerned about excessive underarm perspiration, try Gillette Clinical for clinically proven, extra wetness protection.
Why do we perspire?
Sweating is your body’s way of cooling itself by releasing excess heat. Therefore, while sweating is natural under any condition, it can be intensified for any number of reasons, including warm weather, exercise and stress.
What is antiperspirant?
Antiperspirants block the flow of sweat from sweat glands to reduce wetness. In addition, because perspiration stimulates Odour-causing bacteria, antiperspirants also reduce body Odour, with scented antiperspirants fighting Odour even more.
How do antiperspirants work?
Antiperspirants use sweat against itself. Once applied, the antiperspirant is dissolved by sweat, and the dissolved particles form superficial plugs just below the skin’s surface. These plugs block the release of more perspiration. Generally, the plugs stay in place for about 24 hours and wash away over time.
If sweating is natural, is there any danger in preventing it?
Actually, no. Antiperspirants are harmless. Since you have sweat glands all over your body, controlling underarm perspiration has virtually no effect on your body’s ability to cool itself.
Where can I find Gillette Shield?
You can purchase Gillette Clear Shield through
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