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Gillette BODY Razor
The First Razor Built for the Male Terrain
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  • Gillette’s first men’s razor built for male terrain
    (you might call it manscaping)
  • Rounded head designed for total-body comfort
  • Three lubricating strips for outstanding glide
  • Anti-slip grip for exceptional control, even in
    the shower
  • Three floating blades
  • Forward pivoting head easily adapts to
    body contours.
  • Provides less feel of irritation.*
Introducing Gillette BODY, Gillette’s first razor built for male terrain. Gillette BODY allows you to
shave your most important parts with confidence and less feel of irritation (versus Gillette Sensor®
2 Plus disposable). The innovative rounded head maneuvers around contours and tricky areas
comfortably, while three lubricating strips help ensure outstanding glide. Its anti-slip handle gives
you exceptional control as the three PowerGlide floating blades offer a close, clean shave.
Whether you call it body grooming or manscaping, Gillette BODY can navigate your terrain for
a great shave, wherever you need it.

* Versus Gillette Sensor 2 Plus disposable
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Be the first to write a review.
What People Are Saying... (0 reviews)
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Gillette BODY Razor FAQs

Want to find out more about your favorite products, get helpful grooming tips or discover what's new and cool at Gillette? Well, we've got all the answers you need from the Gillette experts you've come to trust. So search away.

Which body parts can I shave with Gillette BODY?
Unlike face razors, Gillette BODY is engineered for excellent performance on any body part from the neck down. To find tips and tricks for grooming (you might call it manscaping) your most important parts, visit the “body” section of
Is it safe to shave with Gillette BODY in the shower?
Yes. Gillette BODY is specifically designed to provide comfort and control, even in the shower.
How long will the Gillette BODY razor-blade refill last?
How long a razor-blade refill lasts varies from person to person, as it is dependent on many variables, such as hair toughness and thickness, skin preparation, skin sensitivity, and the number of areas being shaved.
What is the difference between disposable and refillable razors?

The entire razor is discarded when you are through with a disposable razor. With a refillable razor, only the razor blade is discarded. Gillette BODY is available in both refillable and disposable razors.
In which direction should I shave to achieve a great Gillette shave?
First, pull skin taut and use light, even strokes to help minimize nicks and cuts. Start by shaving with light, gentle strokes with the grain. Then, if necessary, go against the grain for a close shave. You should shower before, or while, you shave. If you don’t shave regularly, trimming body hair first can make shaving easier.
Is it better to use hot, cold, or warm water to shave?
Warm water softens hair and causes it to expand, making it 70% easier to cut. That’s why Gillette BODY works great in the shower.
What is the best way to avoid razor burn?
If your skin is not properly prepared before shaving, or if the blade on your razor is dull, you might be more likely to end up with razor burn. Be sure to hydrate hair in warm water for up to three minutes and apply plenty of shave gel. Also, consider changing the blade on your razor at the first sign of dullness or discomfort.
Is it okay to let my girlfriend or wife borrow my body-grooming razor?
For both hygiene and performance, it is not a good idea to share your razor with your partner. If she shaves a larger area, you might find that after only a few shaves, your blade has dulled considerably, increasing the likelihood of nicks and cuts. Tell her to try a razor specifically designed for the way a woman shaves, such as Gillette Venus® Embrace®.
Does shaving make your hair grow back thicker?
Scientists at Gillette have conducted extensive testing on the effects shaving has on both male and female hair growth, texture, and color. This testing has proven that shaving does not affect hair growth, texture, or color. Shaving does, however, alter the tip shape of the regrown hair, which might initially change the way hair feels as it grows back. But if hair is left to regrow completely, it will return to its former state.
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