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Fusion HydraGel Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel
Fusion HydraGel Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel

HydraGel Ultra-Sensitive, with aloe and Vitamin E, is designed to meet the needs of men who have sensitive skin.

Fusion HydraGel Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel

The soft touch for sensitive skin.

Shaving can be tough on sensitive skin, unless you have the comforting protection of Gillette Fusion Ultra Sensitive HydraGel. Its deep, rich formula of hydrating emollients and lubricants softens facial hair and protects even the most sensitive skin while you shave. So a close shave is also a comfortable shave. Designed to partner with the Gillette Fusion shaving systems.


Fusion HydraGel Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel


Softens Facial Hair

Our shaving gels contains Glycerine and beard-hydrating agents to soften hair and dramatically reduce the cutting force*. This means less hair tugging and resistance, for a comfortable shave

*Vs. Traditional shaving cream

Smooth Glide Shaving

Lubricating ingredients, with Glycerine and Lubrajel Oil, soften hair and condition skin to deliver a smooth razor glide and a shave that’s close and comfortable.

Reducing Razor Bumps

Most common in people with curly hair, razor bumps and ingrown hairs happen when beard hairs grow back into the surface of the skin, resulting in redness, inflammation or bumps that often resemble pimples. Learn the truth behind common misconceptions about razor bumps, and the shaving tips in our How to Shave section.

Fusion HydraGel Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel FAQs

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How does Ultra Sensitive Fusion HydraGel work?
Shaving is a man’s job, so you need the right tools to get it done. That’s why Gillette developed Ultra Sensitive. The unique formulation, with aloe and vitamin E work to create a protective blanket that helps lock in moisture and soften facial hair.
Why should I use Shave Gel on my Skin?
In life the best offence is a good defence. That’s why you need to take care of your skin. Start by using a good shave gel. It will help lock moisture into your skin and soften your facial hair so your razor will have a smooth glide. And a smooth glide means less shaving irritation.
Why are there different varieties of Gillette Fusion HydraGel and how do they differ?
Because your skin is as individual as you are, Gillette has developed five different types of Fusion HydraGel. They are Pure and Sensitive, Cooling, Tough Beard, Clean and Fresh, Clear Skin, Ultra Sensitive, and Moisturizing. Check out our complete line up and then pick the one that best suits your needs. Pure and Sensitive - Delivers proven performance on sensitive skin without added dye or fragrance. Cooling - Designed with cooling technology to keep your skin feeling refreshed during your shave. Tough Beard - Glycerin and beard-hydrating ingredients ensure soft facial hair before you shave. Clean and Fresh - Aloe and citrus extracts provide a fresh and clean scent. Clear Skin - Effective cleansing ingredients remove impurities such as dirt and oil for clean, clear skin. Ultra Sensitive - With aloe and Vitamin E, it’s designed to meet the needs of your sensitive skin. Moisturizing - With aloe and cocoa butter, it’s a natural moisturizer.
How long do I apply gel on my face before shaving?
To ensure maximum effectiveness, apply one minute before shaving. This will further soften your facial hair and allow for less effort when shaving. Be sure to apply Gillette shave gel in slow circular motions, covering all the areas to get the smoothest most comfortable shave you can.
Is there anything I can use to prevent shaving irritation and protect my sensitive skin?
For those with more sensitive we recommend either Ultra Sensitive containing aloe and vitamin E or Pure and Sensitive, which is free from fragrance and dyes. However, all Gillette Shave Gels cover your skin with a Triple Protection anti-friction layer to reduce the risk of irritation. So can get a close and comfortable shave no matter which you use.
How To Shave

How To Shave

With our easy to follow, step-by-step video tutorial, you’ll learn everything you need to know about getting a close, comfortable shave without irritation.