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Professional Power Sport Protect
Professional Power Sport Protect

With odour Fighters proven to actually target and absorb odours, and highly effective wetness protection. Scientifically proven to offer extremely effective anti-odour protection for over 24hours.

Professional Power Sport Protect

Absorbs and locks away odour as it occurs and releases a fresh fragrance in its place. It works more when you need more and is noticeable even after sport.

Gillette recognises that to be at your best, you need to feel at your best. (eye of the tiger, positive mental attitude and all that stuff…..). So, Gillette has developed its Professional Power deodorant range to help the modern male be the best he can be: at work, in sport, with his family and friends. We understand there are moments of stress when you worry about your body odour or underarm perspiration (job interview, big presentations, first date, meeting the parents and so on, and so on)…and that worry can make you feel uncomfortable. It helps you to focus on being at your best. (have you ever given a presentation and worried about raising your arms for fear of what people might see?... it won’t have been your best moment in the spotlight…). Gillette has developed the Gillette Professional Power deodorant range with these moments in mind…. To help you forgot to be at your best even in those high stress moments!


Professional Power Sport Protect


Wetness Protection

To provide highly effective wetness protection Gillette has integrated its best performance wetness protection technology called AZAG. AZAG works with your body to help stop/control wetness so you can feel comfortable throughout the day

Odour Protection with active odour Fighters

Gillette Professional Power uses a technology called BCD in its deodorants. This technology goes beyond masking odour with fragrance. It is actually able to absorb and lock away odour as it occurs and release a fresh fragrance in its place. It works more when you need more and for over 24hours.

This area allows consumers like you to express their own opinions and comments. This area allows consumers like you to express their own opinions and comments.

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Professional Power Sport Protect FAQs

Want to find out more about your favourite products, get helpful grooming tips or discover what's new and cool at Gillette? Well, we've got all the answers you need from the Gillette experts you've come to trust. So search away.

arrow Why do we perspire?
Sweating is your body’s way of releasing excess heat and cooling itself. And, while sweating is natural under any condition, it can be intensified for any number of reasons, including warm weather, exercise and stress.
arrow How much perspiration is too much?
Excessive perspiration isn’t yet fully understood. Only you can decide if your sweating is excessive and therefore a cause of embarrassment. Gillette deodorant is designed with the excellent protection you want to help control your perspiration.
arrow What is antiperspirant?
Antiperspirants reduce the flow of sweat from sweat glands to reduce wetness. In addition, because perspiration stimulates odor-causing bacteria, antiperspirants also help reduce body odor, with scented antiperspirants fighting odor even more.
arrow How do antiperspirants work?
Antiperspirants use sweat against itself. Once applied, the antiperspirant is dissolved by sweat, and the dissolved particles form superficial plugs just below the skin’s surface. These plugs reduce the release of more perspiration. Generally, the plugs stay in place for about 24 hours and wash away over time.