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Gillette Series Energising Moisturiser
Gillette Series Energising Moisturiser

Effectively moisturises and helps protect skin after shaving

Gillette Series Energising Moisturiser

Developed with Gillette Shaving Science™

Air conditioning, heat, and different kinds of weather can cause your skin to feel dehydrated, and dehydration can result in skin discomfort, feeling of tightness, and tired looking skin. Proper hydration after shaving can make your skin feel re-energised.

The Gillette Series Energising Moisturiser contains a contains a triple formula, with hydrators, conditioners, and vitamins, to refuel your skin with moisture after shaving, leaving your skin feeling energised. It’s the perfect finish to a great shave. Its light-weight non-greasy formula helps protect your skin after shaving for an invigorated look, and helps your skin feel revitalised and energised throughout the day.

Easy to use pump


Gillette Series Energising Moisturiser



Gillette Series Energising Moisturiser is infused with cooling agents and calmer s that are quickly and easily absorbed into your skin for more comfort and more protection.

Moisturising Aftershave

Non-greasy hydrating emollients seal in your skin’s natural moisture barrier to eliminate that dry, tight feeling that can happen after you shave.

Lightly Scented

Clean, masculine scent that won’t overpower your cologne.

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