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Fusion ProGlide Soothing Shave Gel
Fusion ProGlide Soothing Shave Gel

Calms your skin while you enjoy the glide.

Fusion ProGlide Soothing Shave Gel

Research studies have shown that the use of Gillette shave care products made with increased levels of glide ingredients give you a high performance shave.

New Gillette Fusion ProGlide Soothing Shave Gel has a cooling formula that helps keep skin feeling refreshed through your entire shave. It softens facial hair while you shave for a smoother experience.


Fusion ProGlide Soothing Shave Gel


This area allows consumers like you to express their own opinions and comments. This area allows consumers like you to express their own opinions and comments.

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Posted By:JT

On my second can, excellent shave and scent. Unfortunately, not all Gillette Shaving Gell products are always stocked are not always available. I've been purchasing Gillette shaving products for over fifty years. I will continue to purchase this product, and recommend it to my friends.

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Posted By:DS

Always like Gillette shaving gels.....but hate cans....they often leak excess product after you stop pushing button, and the bottom of the can will rust if you leave it in the shower.....causing rust rings in your shower.

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Posted By:Heiny33

Close Shave, but expensive. I prefer the product, but it is tough to justify the cost.

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Posted By:Indy

The Gel works well and I am satisfied with its performance. However, the container it comes in leaves a lot to be desired. My experiences resulted in my concluding the contents aren't empty although there's no product coming out of can. I switched back to Edge because of the false appearance of large can but limited content.

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Posted By:UpsetAl

I have gone through two straight cans of Gillette shaving gel, were the cans stop dispensing half way through the can. This will be the last time I buy this brand of shaving gel. I have used Gillette products for a long time now and this was really disappointing. I can see one faulty can, but two in a row? And they weren't even the same product (one was the fusion soothing gel and the other was fusion hydro). And from other reviews on this site, I see this is a common problem.

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Posted By:JLD1
From:Dallas, Texas

I have bought several cans of this product and found out at the middle of the use that the can quit dispensing the product. The can was still heavy to the touch thus there was still product within the can but I was not able to get any additional product to dispense from the can. I have taken one or two cans back to the store for a replacement but each new can operates the same way. Please help with this problem. Jasper

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Posted By:Adam

shave gel was fine, but I'm tired of never using a full can. The can loses pressure 1/2 way through use. So, I end up buying more- well, I'm tired of it- no more purchases.

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