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Gillette Series Shave Foam for Sensitive Skin has a lightly scented formula.

Series Sensitive Skin Shave Foam

Sensitive Skin Foam, with aloe, is lightly fragranced

Go easy on your sensitive skin with Gillette® Series Sensitive Skin Shave Foam. The formulation, with aloe, provides for a shave that delivers astonishing razor glide while helping to protect your skin against nicks, redness and tightness for a smooth shave. You get a shave that's comfortable and skin that's satiny smooth.


Gillette Series Sensitive Skin Foam - Gillette


Smooth Gliding Shaving

High grade emollients and lubricating ingredients, enhance razor glide and deliver a smooth, comfortable shave.

Tips for Sensitive Skin

If you experience razor burn or nicks and cuts when shaving, here are some shaving tips on how to manage your sensitive skin and start enjoying a smoother, more comfortable shave.

Reducing Razor Bumps

Most common in people with curly hair, razor bumps and ingrown hairs happen when beard hairs grow back into the surface of the skin, resulting in redness, inflammation or bumps that often resemble pimples. Learn the truth behind common misconceptions about razor bumps, and the shaving tips in our How to Shave section.

This area allows consumers like you to express their own opinions and comments. This area allows consumers like you to express their own opinions and comments.

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I too have been using this product for years. Once, I had a can that ran out of propellant before it was empty. I returned it and never had a problem since. I see no reason to change!

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Posted By:gusmiami

I am using this gel over 5 years my face is great after shaved every day, smooth and clean , never hurt me or got any spot when I spend driving a lot of time in the sunshine state, in Miami city; I recomended this product for any men wanted take car his skin.

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Posted By:TW

This is quite smooth and very easy to use. Leaves a close shave and I enjoy using this product.

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Posted By:Hunter

I love the Gillette shave foam shaving cream. I have tried many others, but always come back to Gillette.

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Posted By:BetToWinBill
From:Port Jefferson Station, NY

This product is horrible. It comes from the can so soupy that I have to cup my palm and hold the "foam" upright so that it doesn't fall all over the sink and floor before getting to my face. Why is there no section on this website to complain? Writing a 'review' doesn't allow me to get a refund. I would bring this product back, but an item such as shave cream doesn't really require me to save the receipt. If you want my business, I expect a reponse to this review!Thank you

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Posted By:Shaveman
From:New York, NY

I had a similar experience. The shave foam came out as a liquid whether shake or not. This product was an absolute waste of money.

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Posted By:Nick

I have used Gillette shave foam for a long time but my recent experience with this Gillette series shave foam has been poor. Instead of a foam, a white liquid comes out (whether you shake or not) and it is not easy to put this liquid on your face for shaving. I am disaapointed with this product.

Response from Gillette
Dee from Gillette Consumer Care
April 12,2012
I'm sorry the Gillette Shave Gel isn't dispensing as we'd expect. We'd like to help you out with this so give us a call at (800) 445-5388. Thanks for letting us know.

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Posted By:Jack
From:Wilderness, VA

I see I'm not the first to write about this problem. I've used Gillette Gels for years, but I'm giving it up. I love the product, but I bet that at least 40% of the cans fail with from 1/3 to 2/3 of the gel left inside. It's not a new problem. It's existed for as long as I've used Gillette Gel. Hope P & G will take this aggravation seriously and change can or formula.

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Posted By:absadmin
From:Vicenza, Italy

The shaving gel barely will come out of the can! I got frustrated after getting enough gel to only shave about 1/4 of the way, then I just switched to hot water and soap. Defective product and of course I can't find an email contact anywhere to complain....just an 800 number. I won't be buying any shaving gels or creams from Gillette again.

Response from Gillette
Dee from Gillette Consumer Care
April 27,2011
Sorry the Gillette Shave Foam isn't dispensing the way we expect. We'd like to learn more about your experience and replace the product. Please give us a call at (800) 445-5388. Thanks!

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Posted By:Ross

I have been using your Gillette Series Shave Gel for many years, and until recently, had no problems with it. The last two cans of this shave gel I have purchased have sprung leaks when only approximately half-empty, and lost all the propellant/gas inside, making the remainder unusable. This has happened to two cans in a row. I place the can of shave gel in a sink full or warm water for approximately 10 minutes before use to try and warm it up somewhat. Surely I am not the only american male who does this ? Who wants to put totally cold shave gel on their face ? Is this something you can correct in your product ? Can you somehow compensate me for the lost product due to its flaw/failure ?

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Posted By:Michael

I use a Panasonic Wet/Dry electric razor. I just discovered your new foaming shave creme and it really makes for a smooth wet shave. I previously used the regular Gillette Foamy and it would dry out quickly causing my shaver to pull. This new product has just the right amount of moisture in it to make the shaver glide.

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Posted By:ThomasJ

my skin is so sensitive, this product rocks for me

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Series Sensitive Skin Shave Foam FAQs

Want to find out more about your favorite products, get helpful grooming tips or discover what's new and cool at Gillette? Well, we've got all the answers you need from the Gillette experts you've come to trust. So search away.

What's the difference between Foam and Gel?
Gillette believes a man should have options. However, even though both gels and foams are effective at giving you a comfortable shave, Gillette Series shaving gel contains hydrating emollients and lubricating ingredients. By helping to lock in moisture and soften facial hair, you get smoother razor glide. glide and less tugging of the hair for a more comfortable shave versus Gillette foam.
What is the Gillette® Series line of products?
Gillette Series is a range of, technologically-advanced personal care products that have been designed specifically for the unique and individual skin care and skin protection needs of men. The Gillette Series range includes shaving gel and foam, aftershave gel, aftershave lotion, and aftershave splash.
What are the different varieties of Series Shave Care and how do they differ?
Because your skin is as individual as you are, Gillette has developed different kinds of Series Shave Care to suit your skin. They include Sensitive Skin Gel, Protection Gel, Extra Comfort Gel, Moisturizing Gel, Pure and Sensitive Gel, Cool Cleansing Gel, Sensitive Skin Foam, Conditioning Foam. Check out our complete line up and then pick the one that best fits your needs.
Sensitive Skin - lightly scented with aloe. Three effective lubricants enhance razor glide for a smooth, comfortable shave that helps protect your skin against nicks, redness and tightness.
Protection Gel - Formulated with Almond oil The Triple Protection formula helps protect your skin from nicks, cuts, irritation and tightness. It also enhances razor glide for a smooth and comfortable shave that delivers the protection you need for great looking skin.
Extra Comfort Gel - Formulated with extra lubrication and beard softening jojoba oil, this Anti-Friction gel enhances razor glide for a smooth and comfortable shave.
Moisturizing Gel - With cocoa butter and a triple protection formula that helps protect your skin from nicks, redness and tightness, this Anti-Friction gel enhances razor glide for a smooth and comfortable shave.
Sensitive Skin Foam - The lightly scented formula has a rich foam lather that helps protect your skin for a smooth shave.
Moisturizing Foam - This enriched formula delivers conditioners to your beard, while the rich foam lather helps protect your skin for a smooth shave.
How does Sensitive Skin Foam work?
Gillette Series Sensitive Skin Foam has a lightly scented formula. The rich foam lather helps protect your skin for a smooth and comfortable shave.
Is there anything I can use to prevent shaving irritation and protect my sensitive skin?
Men know it's important to be smooth and you don't get any smoother than a comfortable shave. So Gillette created their Series Sensitive Skin Foam.

How To Shave

With our easy to follow, step-by-step video tutorial, you'll learn everything you need to know about getting a comfortable shave with less irritation.