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Coarse or Tough Beard

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Hydrating can reduce the force required to cut beard hair by up to 70%

If you feel discomfort while shaving, it could be because you are not shaving in a manner that is most appropriate for your coarse or tough beard. However, rest assured, following are some easy ways you can start enjoying a more comfortable shave.

Wash & hydrate:

Use a face wash or scrub to buff away facial debris, such as oil, dirt and dead skin cells, that can mat down your hair and block your razor's path. Also, to soften your facial hair and make it easier to cut, hydrate with warm water for at least three minutes.

Stick with a shave gel that's right for you:

Use shave gel products that are specially formulated for tough beards. Gillette Fusion HydraGel Tough Beard, for instance, contains glycerin and beard-hydrating ingredients to soften facial hair before shaving.

Try an advanced razor:

Use an advanced multi-blade shaving system with blades spaced closer together to help reduce pressure, increase comfort and lessen irritation. Additionally, a power razor is best to use for increased glide and decreased irritation.

Shave daily:

Keeping on top of it is a smart move. Having a clean-shaven face can prevent your beard hair from itching as it grows out, as well as reduce skin irritations.

Save the best for last:

Shaving your upper lip and around your mouth at the end of your shave will give the shave gel more time to soak in, further softening your facial hair and making it less of an effort to cut. Also, a single blade is really useful for the tricky places, like under your nose.

Check your blade:

Change your blade when you start to experience tugging or discomfort. Certain shaving systems feature an indicator strip that changes to white when you may be no longer getting an optimal shave.

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